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    Space Wolf Conversion

    Hi all,

    I am trying to convert my first model soon. My idea is to make a SW to be jumping off a cliff, so this will take some remodeling of the legs. I was curious (and I have looked on youtube and the past like 8 pages) for a guide on how to do this easily? Just some simple guidelines. Also I have Grey Stuff made by Grey Force Nine, has anyone used this? Can I use this or should I go and buy some Green stuff which seems a load more popular! Thanks for your assistance.

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    If you are familiar to working in greystuff- then just go ahead and use it. I always used greenstuff so to me it feels like a solid choice.
    As for the conversion you should try to find a pair of legs that fits as good as possible. Like a pair of running legs I guess.
    Then take a moment to look at them you really need to do this, in order to know what modifications you need to do.
    Once you got the pose ready inside your head cut the legs in the places needed. Without knowing exactly what kind of "jumping off a cliff" you intend to make it's a bit hard to come with more specific advice. You should however try to get the feet to look "jumpy".
    When you've cut the legs then clean up any messy parts, like the "soft" parts of the armour where the actuall bending takes place, cut it all off really. This should leave you with either good looking pre-bent leg/legs or one/two legs consisting of just armour.
    Next use your pinvice, if you don't have one -get one it's essential for modelling. Drill holes (one in each end of your pieces) and join them using a cut up paperclip. Then bend into shape.
    Once you've got a pose you like you fixate the parts using glue and fill in with stuff (green or grey) and let cure.
    When it has cured properly (do not rush this, really it'll be a waste -patience is your friend) clean upp any messy looking parts and add the details, like the "bendable looking" parts. Then you should be done really.
    I'd like to emphasise on you not starting to do any fancy looking stuff in the first stage of "stuffing", that will only make the pose go wrong. First stuff is for pose only.
    Hope it helps, and good luck.

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