I am currently selling packs of Lichen on Ebay. You can search for "Lichen" on Ebay or personal message me here or email me if you are interested. My Ebay username is "dorristhecow".

Create realistic looking shrubs and bushes on your Warhammer Fantasy, 40K or any other Games Workshop miniature bases using this Lichen which use to be available by Games Workshop but is no longer due to its increased popularity and rareness.

Here are some examples of what it looks like on my Bretonnian mini's:

Lichen grows in the wild only under the right conditions and I have found a great source. The Lichen supply we have found is a great size and colour, perfect for your miniature bases.

We have been using it for over 10 years and the quality of the product does not diminish. The colour will fade over about 5 years from its original bright light green colour to a more faded light brown, but it still looks awesome and even after 10 years doesn't go moldy, crumble or fall to pieces even without varnish or any other protective coating.

So because of it's high enduring quality we have decided to provide some lucky people with this great product for a limited time.
I have added a couple of example photos of what it looks like on my Bretonnian miniatures. If you would like to see more example photos please feel free to message me with your email address and I'll be happy to send some through.

I will be selling the Lichen in the small standard Australian plastic zip lock coin bags. The bags are packed full, but comfortably, not crammed in there too tight. This ensures the Lichen isn't squashed and ruined.

The bag fits around 4-5 grams worth which is the same amount you would buy from Games Workshop when they sold it. We've found this is enough Lichen to add shrubs to the models of an entire army of roughly 2000 points or more. So there's plenty there.

Comes in various sizes and we make sure there is lots of small pieces suitable for your tiny miniature bases, as well as some larger more impressive shrubs that can be used for larger monster size bases, or these can be broken up into smaller pieces no problems.