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    Mekboy Ledfoot's Mid-Engind Warbuggy

    Even as a young Mekyouth, Ledfoot had a repulation for liking nuffin betta than the excitement of pure speed. Until he experienced his first ride on a Skorcha trakk that is. The roar of the wind, the flames going everywhere (even back over the skorcha 'imself), he loved "evry minit offit". Being a clever git, one night unda da influenz of squig juuze he decided he would borrow one of big mek Meteltoof's warbuggys for a bit of cunversion.

    He still claims is version is da proper one. Grinning madly as he goes at full throttle across the battle field, flames and roar everywhere. Propa deff buggy, with betta handling an all!

    I just loved the idea of this mental mekboy building his dragster so decided to convert one up. Mid engined for propa weight distribution (never mind the high rear end cuz its made out of lighta materialz), complete with real manual steering, added prutekktion for da front tires, the rear gunner being blinded by both his own flames and da fumes from da engine so he can't really see what he's firing at (probably grilling Ledfoots head half the time) But Ledfoot don't care, he's got the wind in his face and da supa charger roaring behind his neck, givin im a mad grin. Good times!

    Needs a bit of green stuffin around the arms and controls but other than that I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Uses mostly trukk parts, with biker and deffkopta heads and a skorcha from Forge World.

    Da Big Mek actually got a bit jealus so he's building a verison of his own now. Complete with a propa engine of course (Forge World eight cylindaz), probably rear mounted with wheelie bars and all. Watch out..

    Watcha fink?

    DSC00820 (640x361).jpg
    DSC00822 (640x361).jpg

    DSC00823 (640x361).jpg
    DSC00828 (640x361).jpg
    DSC00825 (640x361).jpg

    Currently painting and playing Waaaaagh Bigtoof 40k and Aeronautica Imperialis.

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