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    Termninator Psycannons

    This one if for the Grey Knight players.
    For those of you who play Grey Knight Paladins you know there is never enough Psycannons in Terminator a box. This is a simple conversion (or 2) to make what i belive is a better looking Psycannon.

    Bits you will need:
    Psycannon from PAGK
    Psilencer (optional)

    Ok so you looking at this and asking why would i destroy 1 psycannon to make another? Answer is simply the PAGK Psycannon is right handed, the terminator Psycannon is left handed. Read through both conversion see which you like better, they are both easy but i belive the 2nd one is better looking.

    Step 1: cut off the Psycannon ammo feed here aresome alternate views.

    Step 2: trim off the hand on the end. I cut off too much in these pics. If you only cut off the hand you will have a better area to run wires out of.

    Step 3: turn the Psycannon around and you will see an opening this will be where the shells will come out of, feel free to use green stuff to make it a bit smaller. trim a small line just under where the box is to a few mm into the hole.

    Step 4: Glue your ammo clip to where you just trimmed. Add wiring out the back, and sand the other side flat and your psycannon is ready to kill some Deamons. Here it is below a Terminator Psycannon, not as fancy but it will work. As you can see if you left the piece above the hand Wires comming out of it would look more like the original.

    Now if that Psycannon just doesnt do it for you here is an alternate build i like.

    Step 1: Same as above cut off the ammo clip of the Psycannon.

    Step 2: Cut off the Barrel end of the Psycannon as close to the main body as possible.

    Step 3: Cut off the Barrel of the Psilencer and trim these fins back so they are flat.

    Step 4: glue the barrel of the Psycannon on make sure the bar piece is on the bottom. Glue the ammo clip to where the fins were. you may need to make a notch for it to fit.

    There you have it. After i made my first Psycannon like this i showed my brother and he suggested i took off the ring at the bottom of the barrel. Here you can see the 2 Psycannons next to an original Psycanon. You choose which style you like best. You can also cut out an area in the body of the Psilencer for your shells to come out of but i chose not to.

    Hope this helped anyone who doesnt want to pay an absobanant amount of money on ebay for terminator Psycannons. Comments and Suggestions are welcome


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    Hey - this is awesome!! Just what i was looking for, but it got me thinking: why cant you just use the strike squad ones on the terminators right hand and then use either a falchion as a sword (no one would notice because it is not as a pair, just say its a smaller nemesis sword) or take the two handed halberds and file off/cover up with purity seals the right hand so he holds it in one hand.
    Victory points for the victory point God!!

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