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    Conversion idea: Draigo into vanilla space marine librarian

    I play space marines and the Librarian is my favorite HQ. My terminator Librarian is one of my favorites but I really want one with a storm shield. I like the way I've painted the one I own and I think it would look silly to just tack a storm shield onto his outstretched arm.

    I was thinking instead I could convert the Draigo model from the Grey Knights into a Space Marines Librarian in terminator armor with storm shield.

    Draigo has a couple things going that I like that are different than the terminator librarian model:

    A force sword instead of the huge staff
    A really cool looking helmet
    Already posed and fit to properly hold a storm shield (and his shield has a huge book that screams librarian)
    Looks unique in case I ever want to use two Librarians.

    My questions:

    What are some things to watch out for doing the conversion?
    What are some things I can do to get that storm bolter off and what to replace that area with so it looks good?
    Should I go finecast or metal? (there is a metal one at a shop I frequent)
    Any of you who like the idea, feel free to post ideas to "librarianize" him

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    As for the material the finecast would be easier to work with ie, cut. As for Draigo himself he has lots of Inquisitorial marking so removing them would probably be a good idea to make him 'vanilla'. If you dont have a problem with greenstuff, you could just remove the storm bolter and smooth his gauntlet over. Hope any of that helps.

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