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    Pewter bending question

    I've got a pewter model(trollblood impaler), 2 in fact, but I don't want to make them look the same. I've got a couple ideas on what I'm going to do to the 2 of them, but one of them I want to have a enclosed fist.

    My question is basically this, is there a way to make pewter bend, like expose it to heat or something like resin. I don't wanna just clip off his fingers and greenstuff new ones, namely because my greenstuffing sucks horribly.

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    pewter is fairly soft and flexible depending on the age of the model and the pewter mix used but if you make sure it's very clean and free of surface tarnish/dirt you should be able to hold the area you want to manipulate underneath a lighter (preferably one of the ones you get to light gas fires with so you don't burn your fingers) and bend it where you want it.

    Use a pair of tweezers or the smooth part of a pair of pliers to gently move it little bit at a time otherwise it'll snap, other than that their isn't any secret to it beside being patient and planning out what you want to do before diving right in.

    It's hard to do so you might want to practice on something crappy from eBay but it's very satisfying when you get it done right
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