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    Dark eldar inspiration needed.

    Hi guys im stuck trying to pick a paint scheme for my dark eldar army and was hoping for some advice/ideas if anyone has the time.

    there are a few things to consider:

    i do not want to make them look like theyre from tron, so the GW style is out.

    i quite like the idea of weathering, so both exposed metal rust and chipping is a possibility, but by no means necessary.

    i also would like to practice freehand more, and more so than just painting symbols etc.

    the army is largley flyers, helions, razorwings, scourges, venoms and reavers. so plenty of large flat surfaces around.

    so far ive considered:
    heavily chipped teracotta reds, with rusted exposed metals - ive just finished a huge BA army, so red keeps cropping up

    light purple with some chipping but not as heavy as previous

    bone, with flesh being pulled back on hooks (lots of freehand, but i risk having a very beige model at the end )

    not a lot to go on, but id like any coments or suggestions, even if its something youve thought might look cool but havent been bothered to try yourself, im just keen to get out of my comfort zone and step up a bit with my painting.

    cheers guys

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    people seem to avoid grey shades like the plague lately and i find they can work really well with pastel colors to produce something unique. try using charadon granite and necron abyss mixed 2:1 with bleached bone as an accent. If you wash the charadon granite mixture with asurmen blue for shading and highlight it with adeptus battlegrey it should look nice next to the bone colour, besides that necron abyss dries with a mild gloss finish (it shouldn't look like upvc on your warriors after it's been mixed ^^) so the smoothness of the bleached bone won't look odd as it often does with other paints due to their occasionally grainy texture
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    Well, my own DE army have more red the higher up the echelons they are, so for example my Kabalites are purely black, but the Sybarite has a little red on her. Then my wyches have red torsos, and Hekatrixes have more red still, until my Succubus and Archons are pure red, with some trim in say bronze.

    It's a thought, and you say you want to hand paint designs, well there's a fair bit of inspiration out therer on that thought, I did one of my Razorwings with a feather design all over it, the other has flames on the nose.

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