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    Charging ogres: can it be done?

    Well I'm back into the hobby after about 1 year hiatus and I was looking at starting an ogre kingdoms army. I like the general idea of the army, but I'm a little dissapointed about how static the models are. Granted this is the case for most fantasy models but I would love to try to give them more of a charging look. Some of the artwork shows ogres bowling over chariots and horses, and lets face it, the models look like they're taking a leasurely walk to the fight.

    Looking to pick up some models this weekend, so I'll probably try playing around with them then but I just wanted to know if anyone had really tried this in the past.

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    Hobby knife, cutting, GS.
    Cut the feet angle pin and fix with GS. Would be an easy way.

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    Fortunately, most of the Ogres (Bulls, Iron Guts, Leadbelchers) are all plastic kits. The metal stuff like Maneaters and your Heroes can all be converted with enough inventiveness, so you shouldn't have too much trouble staying away from harder-to-worth-with metals.

    However, I'd be careful- I'm almost certain that some parts of an ogre are hollow. I don't play the army personally, but having picked several of their models up, they don't have much heft to them, even if they're plastic. You need a good bit of plastic to get a pin into, and without pins, this project literally just falls apart. All that I can suggest is to crack a box open some time and take a look at the sprues. Of course, if they are hollow, you can take measures to make them a bit more solid (filling body-cavities with Greenstuff etc) but it will take even more effort.

    Of course, I could be wrong and they're solid chunks of plastic and all you'll need to do is some cutting and GS-blending to get things looking right.
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