Checked the first few pages in the modelling forum and found nothing about this.

I really want some fury models for my fantasy daemon army and (unsurprisingly) dislike both the furies and harpies figures. I've seen a few pictures dotted about the internet of people who've thought the same as I and converted some out of beastmen and deamonettes but I'm sure there must be more out there that I'm missing, or at least more ideas to exploit.

Currently the best ideas I have are using tyranid gargoyles and trying to give them a mane and two extra legs or getting some bloodletters and adding gargoyle wings or some such.

In the local Games Workshop they used to have some dire wolf models that had wings, they looked pretty nice but they're also bigger than most core daemon, another option is to use chaos hounds but therein lies the same problem.

Basically, I'm looking for ideas people have or any new links and pictures to give me further ideas about how I can make a unit or these guys, I dislike metal models and my greenstuff skills are pretty non-existent but it should make a fun project otherwise

Thanks for any help you can offer and sorry about the longer-than-necessary post, I like to waffle