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    The right consistency

    Hey guys! Long time no post :/ Been busy with school and more recently work so less hobby'ing has been done by me recently. I am just starting to get back into the swing of things with painting and one problem quickly arose that had been troubling me before. I can never get the right paint consistency when thinning my paints. I have always heard the expression of "you want it to look like skim/1% milk" but I can never get it right. It is always either way too thin (doesn't cover at all) or too thick. What are some ways to regulate the consistency and can someone post a good picture/video detailing the right consistency for painting (mostly basecoats)

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    Well I'm not sure what "not cover at all" mean to you. What I do is that I move a little bit of paint to a small pot, I often use cups you get pharmacy pills in. Then I ad some water with a old brush and mix it with a match. it should be a bit like milk, not like water, just a little thicker. The thing is it will not cover on the first layer. if you use a white undercoat and a bright colour like terracotta, red or yellow, it takes a few layers, say about 5. If you use black and a bight colour it takes for ever! So don't use black under cover if you are painting bright colours, paint the area white first over the black, takes about 5 layers then paint it with the bright colour about 5 more layers. The problem is that this takes time if you are a army painter. If you plan to paint allot of models, keep it just a tiny bit thicker so it covers a bit faster, but don't expect the colour to cover in one layer.

    Also if the paint behave like a wash, just ruining down in the deeps of the details, its to thin. And if it covers in one stroke and/or doesn't look flat its to thick

    Also I don't have a perfect covered surface before I start to highlight, I use about 6 different shades to highlight the model and a few more to shade, so my surface will be covered eventual

    here is a picture of my paint, as it should look, notice that it doesn't really say on the edges of the cup
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    Keep the paint diluted and thin :)
    (first rule in Zentradis book of painting)

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