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    questions about etched brass

    I think I might have missed the class on etched brass but I'm finding myself with a bit of coin and forgeworld in my sights. While browsing I noticed many armies have etched brass symbol (sheets?) and I must confess I have no idea what they might be for or concerning

    Hopefully I'm posting in the right section and someone might be able to provide some insight and/or be able to point me in the right direction

    PS forgive me for posting a new thread, I've been keen to avoid thread necromancy like the plague, and emperor forgive me if I've missed a tutorial

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    They're generally used for adding extra detail.

    For example, I've been building an imperial fists 1st company army to use as deathwing and found that there are alot of flat spaces on land raiders - so to add detail I picked up a couple of sheets of etched brass and superglued some icons on. They're very thin and can be fiddly (ok, I have large hands!) but when painted up they look brilliant.

    They can also be bent very easily, and the very small ones can easily be used on shoulder pads for regular space marines, and there are slightly larger ones you could use for terminators.

    They're very worth grabbing a sheet or two to have a go with, I found they really made my models look alot more detailed and eye catching. If you couple using the forgeworld landraider doors as well as the etched brass on the same model then they look very very good.
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    In addition to adding extra details to your models the etched brass can aslo make painting a lot easier. For example chapter markings might be very small to do free hand so you can paint the brass piece with appropriate color and then just glue it in.
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