Hi everybody,
here is a unit of heavily converted Warlocks on Jetbikes to add some extra punch to my Saim-Hann army ( (Mayor Quimby's Saim-Hann army WIP).).

Since I wanted to do something different and make this unit stand out I changed the pose to have the riders lean forward on the canopy, so a heavy conversion is required.
The only original part are the canopies, all the other bits have either been converted, taken from other kits (mostly from Dark Elves or Dark Eldar ones) or resin cast (such as the legs). It was a quite big work but I think the results are well worth it.
Moreover (just to make things more difficult) half of the Warlocks are left-handed...

I magnetized the arms so I can trade the Spears for Blades... here is a pic of a Warlock with the arm swapped.

... and here is a close-up of one of the helmets.


Hope you will like it! Comments and criticism are appreciated!