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    Scenic Base Tutorial ( Warhammer on a Budget)

    Hey guys This is my first tutorial for warhammer on a budget, and the point of this tutorial is to create a scenic bases like a rock outcropping that I will be demonstrating to help to create importance in certain figure. This is useful as you can use bits from several lines of models to create a unique figure, and by raising him/her up you are creating an appearance of size and all around importance and leadership. Ill be making a base for my Orc Warboss Gobstoppa! using Black orc bits, this saves 20 bucks on on the resin Warboss funding more core models. So Without further adue let us begin!

    Note these bases work better for fantasy as the line of sight rules in 40k will not be kind to your general being taller, but it could still make em look coolers so feel free to read on anyways

    1. Materials you will need. Polystyrene, Exacto knife, tack glue, acrylic paint, and super glue. Polystyrene is sold in large sheets for home insulation, but if you look around the isle they are in you can find rather large scrap pieces and they will most likely give them to you for free, saving a couple bucks and the hassle of carrying an 8 foot sheet.


    2. Trace the base with the eacto knife and any excess that you want hanging over.


    3. Carve it out with your exacto (be safe kids!) do not use dragging motions as it will create jagged marks like you see on the left of the piece of poly.


    4. Find a picture of a stone, rock or terrain you like fr reference as it will help with general ideas, I wanted and angled rock, so I cut the piece in half at an angle and started carving it away until it started to almost blend with the base. You can carve hack, scratch and do about anything to create the desired affect... its a rock its taken decades of beating you can get away with about anything... but make sure you do have a generally flat surface for your model.


    5. Time to glue it to the base, DO NOT use super glue it will eat right trough your poly leaving you will a mushy rock, use tack glue which includes elmers and wood glue, or about anything you can find at a craft store. Add a generous amount and allow plenty of time to dry, once its glued to the base you can go back to carving and detailing.



    6. Add some sand to the sides to help it blend with the terrain, use the same flock sand ect that you are using on the rest of the squad/ regiment to help keep them united.


    7. All right now to make it safe to spray and glue. Like I mentioned earlier super glue eats right through it , spray paint will too, so to protect your base use a water based paint, which includes store bought acrylics as well as all your citidel/ p3 and other specialist paints, this creates a nice coating to protect it, and is now safe to base/ use super glue on.


    It will take some time for it to absorb the paint but when its done it should look something like this.


    9. Now's the fun part, you are now safe to glue your model to you base, you can use crazy glue or pin it, securing him/her. Now you are all set and free to spray it down and get to painting!!


    All right guys hope this tutorial helped, feel free to post any of your own tips and experiences, hope you guys liked my segment and I should be doing more in the future!

    My Painting Blog
    Updated 11/13/11 The Black Orcs are here!

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    Great tutorial. Personally, I love the poly insulation sheets, too. They are excellent for so many scenic elements. They may be a little large when you buy a whole sheet, but the extra can be used to make a great display board for your army with different levels, outcroppings, ravines, etc.

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