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    Tutorial - snowy citadel wood.

    Ok, my gaming table is supposed to be the Chaos Wastes - it is snowy! I have a very simple method for painting my terrain that looks good and makes each new piece easy to get done in a few hours, if even that.

    The things you need:
    Piece of terrain.
    Army Painter White primer. (or any primer that dries instantaneously, though I don't know which ones will work other than Army Painter)
    Black primer.
    Some paints and washes.

    For this tutorial I will show you the steps in painting one of my citadel woods, but you can apply the steps for pretty much any snowy piece of terrain.

    Step 1: Spray the entire piece black.

    Step 2: Spray the entire piece white, but let just a little of the dark paint show through.


    Step 3: Paint the trees and roots with foundation paint, I used Calthan Brown. Then paint them with the brown paint you want to use, for this I used Vallejo Model Color Chocholate Brown. In this step, also do details like signposts, hanged men and things like that.


    Step 4: Use washes. I used Badab Black for the trees and roots, and Devlan mud on the rocky surfaces (straight onto the white primer). Thereafter use some drybrushing if you want to. I drybrushed the trees and roots with a slightly reddish brown paint, called Flat Brown (also Vallejo Model Color).


    Step 5: This is the most delicate step. The reason why we want to use Army Painter primer for this is because that spray paint dries incredibly fast. If you read their tutorials, they say that you should hold the model no further than 20 cm from the nozzle. If you hold it further away, the model will not get an even coat of paint and it will be textured and lose some detail. In our case, this is exactly what we want. Either do the wood with the trees attached or spray them separately, your choice. I do them separately because it gives more control. Then start out with holding the spray paint about 50 cm from your wood and start moving it closer as you whiff spray paint at it. What you want to do here is to create a very thin and transparent layer of paint in top of what you just painted. Be careful not to spray too much, and keep the angle of the spray can about the same way the whole time - you want to spray the wood from above to simulate snowfall, so that the top of the branches are whiter than under the branches (you don't even need to touch the underside of the tree with the spray).


    End result.

    Feel free to ask questions, maybe a video of this would have been better but for now I have only images.

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