Hi all,

I'm adding on a ton of Jump Infantry to my Night Lords so I can play a DoA list with the BA Codex. The trick I'm finding is that, without the heraldry to tell squads apart I'm having to resort to modelling them uniquely (a positive thing).

Thus far, I have Winged packs from the Possessed for my Honor Guard and Possessed models with the Winged packs from Possessed for my Vanguard. The final peice of the puzzle is the Sanguinary guard. Then I had an idea (similar to a couple posts down it would seem) - Sanginary Guard torso (the muscled torso) with CSM legs with Power Scythes, Possessed Heads and riding on Hellion skyboards.

Problem - no one here had DE so I can't do a size comparison. One person mentioned that the new plastics would be too small and fragile looking but the old metal boards might do the job.

Anyone able to offer advice on this, or even better, take a quick picture showing a marine, new Hellion board and old Hellion board together for a scale comparison?

Thank you kindly!