Hi guys and gals, short-time reader first-time poster, just looking for modelling uses of my huge reed case supply (clarinet size to be specific), I accrue probably about 20-30 a year, and was wondering what I could use them for besides recycling? I was thinking maybe barricades, like the skeletal structure for it (then paper mache over it), I included an image as google search would give the wrong impression (these are the little ones vandoren include in their boxes, I know gonzalez use papers ones). Or whether to include it in my necron army as debris for their bases.

Bonus points if you include the reeds (splintered bark maybe?) I wouldn't advise going out and buying them as they're about $4 each in a box (unless you play a woodwind instrument!), thoughts? I had a huge supply of about 150 at one stage but then I threw them out (before I got back into W40K).

Right now I'd have about 30. Although you could ask a music shop that teaches woodwind instruments if they could stockpile old reeds students may throw out (or to have a bin to collect them), whether they leave a bin out or you pay something like 10c (5 for store 5 for students) for every reed that gets throw in.

Sorry if the forum's not appropriate.