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    Magnet size for Space Marine arms?

    So I'm thinking of magnetizing my SM sergeants and HQs and am curious what size magnets work best for burying into space marine arms and torsos. That way I can do weapon loadout swaps in the future in case my list changes.

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    im currently using 2mm diameter magnets for my terminators and they do the job fine, havnt looked into using them on standard marine torsos but i think just by looking at them they would do fine. Main problem is due to them being small the hold isnt as strong as i would have liked so any large guns and similar might sag abit

    these are the magnets, iv also got some 5mm ones which i use for tanks which work fantastic but are far too large for anything except torso swapping for standard marines (i use it for attack bikes and speeder gunners)
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    I tried all possible kinds of magnets, and the best option - 3x2mm disks, but they have to be strong, N45 minimum. They will fit fine marines arms, also for terminators there is a little trick, you can cut out shoulder from the arm, glue shoulder and shoulderpad, put magnet there, because there are less shoulder pads then there are arms in box.

    Oh, and one more thing, it is far easier to find magnets than proper drill, so I'd suggest you to start with drill and 3-5 spare 3mm drill bits.

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