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    Scratchbuilt BFG Project

    Hey all. I've been pretty inactive for the last year, because I got out of the habit of modelling and painting. I've barely touched it. My hobby time has been taken over by PC gaming.

    But, naturally I drifted back to LO every now and then. And I've been coming back regularly over the last couple of weeks to discuss Skyrim. And then I replied to a thread on Battlefleet Gothic. And that made me dig out my Plague Fleet, because I'd forgotten how much I like BFG ships. And amongst it, I came across a project of mine.

    The last time I worked on it was over a year ago, but I'm thinking about getting back to it. And sharing it with you guys. Thanks to some random Skyrim discussion bringing me back to LO. The strange way these things work, eh?

    Anyway, I decided, something like a year and a half ago, that I wanted Terminus Est for my Plague Fleet. But, I don't really like the GW model. I'm not sure why, just something about it. So, I figured, hey, why not build my own Nurgle battleship to count as Terminus Est? As a Nurgle ship, it doesn't matter if it's decayed and twisted, and anything intricate can just be covered with pus-weeping sores. Plus I had plenty of BFG bits to use. So, this is the stage that the project got to -

    The bridge structure is the alternative bridge from the Desolator kit, and naturally all the plastic comes from the plastic Chaos cruisers. Basically I got the structure built up to what I wanted, with milliput over a central core of sprue, and now it just needs the detail work doing. It's needed the detail work doing for ages! I'm not sure how good a job I'd do, but, going by the same logic as I used to start the project, if it's not working I can just Nurgle it. As you can see, I started to really cover the port side weapons with the weeping pores and the like. I suppose most of the structure of the ship would end up looking like that.

    So, what do you think? Worth going back to and finishing off?

    It's either that or I get back into historical modelling and build me an SMS Kronprinz kit!

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    I'd say its definitely worth continuing! Looks like you've made a very good start on it, admittedly some time ago, but it seems like a pretty solid piece of work thus far.

    What's left to do in terms of details?
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