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    Marine captain substitutes and question regarding Finecast...

    Hey guys.

    Basically I want your thoughts on whether you think this guy: Warhammer 40k Finecast Space Marine Sternguard Veteran | eBay equipped with an Iron Halo on his backpack would look like a marine captain, or failing him any of the following:-

    Space Marine Veteran with Bolter | Games Workshop

    Ultramarines Tyranic War Veterans 2 | Games Workshop (guy on the right)

    Just curious really because I wouldn't mind (for a change) a marine captain who looks more like a standard marine but is still easily distinguishable (i.e the iron halo)

    I must admit that tyrannic veteran is very pretty indeed... a quick fluff justification of using him is already zooming round my head of him being promoted during the ultramaring-Tyranid wars, and during said wars losing his arm...

    Anyway, onto Fine-cast... basically is it any good? I've never bought or used it before, but I've heard bad things about it, and seen first hand an Eldar autarch (the winged one) a friend of mine bought, who's arm (thanks to the casting) was at a really really weird angle... what are your experiences? And would you reccomend (if any of the above models look like captain material) picking them up in their old metal format?


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    Dude the thing I LOVE about Codex marines, is that any of the cooler models could easily pass as a Captain heck even a CM if you wanted too.
    I've used Finecast and I don't think it's that bad. I in fact like it, when they...if they release Lucius in Finecast I'm going to get it. Even a cast is horrid, just call up the customer service and get it fixed. The customer service, from my experience, has been more than accommodating

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    The first two id say yes(though its odd to have a bekie captain).
    The last one i have and i must say no,he is just a blinged up tactical marine.
    Praise be to the Emperor!!

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