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Thread: Hive Gangers

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    For my IG army I've used the plot line that several of my Guardsmen are ex-hive gangers.
    I used the Cathacan models, adding a little bit of flavour here and there. But now I want to add some tattoos and such to them.
    Does anyone have a nice resource (or nice ideas for) some Hive gang tattoos or other gang markings?
    Any additional ideas to convert the Cathacans into gangers are appreciated as well.

    So far I've just done simple things. Adding a ornamental looking knife to the boot, colouring their mohawks in orange, pink and so on. Also using some FB Militia parts here and there.

    I'm not looking for any major conversion (but please share your ideas). Also it would be nice if not too much needs to be ordered (anything from the CSM sprues, IG sprues, Ork sprues, FB Militia Sprues...etc.)


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    I really like the ganger soldiers idea. I remember the Spider Platoon or something which was a regiment formed from gang members from some hive; it's a beautiful concept.

    I have some experience using tattoos with miniatures and a few ideas I thought about over dinner. Hopefully, they'll be of use to you or at least be a launching point for better future innovations.

    Regarding tattoos, I applied them to some Ork models. The process was one of trial and error, for reasons you can probably imagine; over a miniature that has exaggerated musculature, you don't really have a flat service that's easy to draw incredibly small designs on.

    As it turned out, the most effective tattoos were ones that used common symbols that were easily recognisable. For example, here's a few you can put on the arms of your ganger soldiers:

    Heart - Outlined in black and filled in with a bright red, by itself the heart is not very masculine, but you can add a jagged line through it to say the ganger soldier was a heartbreaker or do wrap around it with some vines (do a little criss-cross thin line over the heart and have little spikes coming out of it).

    Spade - As in the Ace of Spades.

    Sword - Sort of like a crucifix, but make one side pointed, painting over the tip of the blade using the flesh tone to make sure you have a triangular point at the end. Do a few thin lines at the end of the hilt so that it's not mistake for a crucifix. You can also paint a line through the sword with the flesh tone to do a broken sword.

    Crucifix - Not very wh40k, but still a solid tattoo.

    Skull - An oval with a line bisecting it looks like the eyes of a skull, then add a few thin lines from the bottom to represent the teeth.

    Diamond - Again, like in poker cards.

    Another good place for tattoos or at least war paint is the face. I don't know if you've already considered it, but that's a very visible part of the model that you may want to consider.

    Game face - Two horizontal lines, each below an eye, like what you see on baseball players or something.

    Diamond eyes - Diamond centred over the eye, sort of like some psychotic clown.

    Skull face - Paint two black blotches around the eye and have vertical lines running over the upper and lower lips, like the voodoo guy from that James Bond movie.

    Thick horizontal line over the eyes - A thick strip at eye level, like some Native American warpaint from old Westerns.

    Regarding ornamentation, I'm guessing you had in mind something like House Goliath from Necromunda, so spiky shoulder guards from Ork sprues seem appropriate. Use a little green stuff for the leather strap and add the line sliver to make a probably considered all this stuff already.

    Alright, the above is pretty simple stuff, but I do have one Big Idea that I really want to put to you. The biggest focus on the ganger soldier theme, I think, will be on the Commissars.

    The Commissars, in the way it's playing in my head, are the centre of the ganger soldier army's back story. I imagine them to be the old gang leaders that went away for ten, twenty years, and nobody expects him to return, thinking him dead on some alien world. He was probably the toughest, meanest gang leader back in the day and is a legendary figure that all juves aspire to be. Then one day, he returns from the starts to deliver the next generation of ganger soldiers from the gutter to glory.

    There's many things one could do with the Commissar model. You could use some gang colours or symbols on his longcoat. All the back, you could paint the name of the housing project, the local pub, etc of the gangers he's leading.

    I think it's important to reflect the mentality of the ganger soldiers. They don't fight for the officers, who probably are the Spire folk they despised back in the Hive. They don't even fight for the Imperium that forsook them. They fight for da Comm because, in the middle of a battle, he IS the hood.

    I try to put my nerdy, Internet-surfing, miniature-painting self in the place of one of these soldiers. I'm probably light years from home in some hole of a planet. I'm probably allergic to the indigenous foods there and have been surviving on constipation biscuits for the past week. Sitting there in my wet trench, I'm not getting up to risk my life for anyone; if some prissy lieutenant told me to charge some Orks, I'm more likely to shoot him first. However, if the living urban legend from my neighbourhood got up and starting shooting some greenskins, cussing a blue streak in my home dialect, I'd pay attention. Then when I see the name of the street I grew up on printed on the back of his cloak, what choice do I have but to follow?

    The Commissar! Don't forget him, because he's important to his lads.

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    Yeh I like 9 Iron's idea about the commissar. I think you should gve them liberty spikes, spiky braclets, scars, personalised weapons. The kroot sprue has loads of extras. And give the commissar a matrix style trench coat
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