Hi All,

I am working on an empire based inquisition army and am struggling for a couple of the henchmen ideas...here is what i have so far:

Banisher with Eviserator = Empire Greatsword
Crusader = State Troop with Sword/Board
Jokaero Weaponsmith = Handgunner Monkey
Inquisitors = Warrior Priests
Tech-Marine = Master Engineer
Vindicaire Assassin = Engineer with Hochland Long Rifle
CC Assassin = Witch Hunter
Accolyte with Storm Bolter = State Trooper Crosswbow
Accolyte with Meltagun = Handgunner
Acolyte with Plasma Gun = Repeater Handgun (Pistolers style)
Arco-Flageelent = Flagellent with Flail
Deamonhost = Flagellent in the stocks

So am stuck on the following models from empire range:

Death Cult Assasins (Priority)

Any ideas or conversions that people can suggest - foucsing on the feudal world of Mancora (Howling Griffons key recruiting world)