Grey/Ash/Black skin, and some scheme question - help my friend out?? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Grey/Ash/Black skin, and some scheme question - help my friend out??

    So my friend and I came up with a pretty awesome theme for his Lizardmen, but now we need to come up with a color scheme to match. I'm going to be doing most of his greestuff work, as well as painting up a few test models for him to give him a hand with things like washes and what-not. My only problem is, my painting is pretty basic, and I know that there are so many effects that you can achieve with just a little bit of work.

    My first query is simple: we want the underbellies of his Saurus to be a dark color. He was thinking a dark purple, but since the scales on their backs are also purple, I thought that it would wash it out too much. Pure black doesn't look natural enough to be reptile hide, so I was thinking about a very dark grey. So how do you do that? The color that I'm looking for is practically identical to this guys robes, possibly a shade lighter.

    Next Question: Scales on the back of the Lizards are going to be purple, like that guy's shield. How would I darken than color down a lot. My initial thought was a liberal application of black washes, which is twofold - first, it will add depth between the cracks of the scales, it will darken the scales, and it will also make things easier on my friend since I can just tell him "wash everything (skin and scales) heavily with black." Would that work, or am I all wrong?

    Final Question: I need a good method for bone. This is huge, as his entire army is wearing the bone helmets from the Temple Guard models. Even his basic Saurus. My initial thought was to paint the helmets Elf Flesh (or whatever the new equivalent is) and then wash it heavily with Dark Flesh (or the equivalent wash) and then lightly with a purple wash that is similar to the scales (the idea being to tie the two together) and then re-highlight everything with elf flesh.

    Altogether we want a very dark look, more like Dark Elves than the traditional brightly colored Lizardmen. Then whole theme of the army is that their Slann leader and all of the Skinks died, and a single Saurus was spawned who had magical ability. Because the Saurus are simple creatures who sole purpose is to guard the Slann, they've gone all "emo" now, and created a Cult of Death. Unlike most Lizardmen, we're going to use a lot of cloth and bone in his army to give them that "religious vestments" feeling. We'll try to get pictures posted as we work on the army, but I could really use some "getting off the ground" help from you guys.

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    I would suggest you practice on some plasticard or sprue first. Test out different mixes of grey and black until you find one you really think fits. It is long winded but it is better to be sure until you are ready to put paint to model. I would start with a codex grey + chaos black (or whatever the new colours are), add black into the mix until you find the tone you want.

    Washing purple with black would work. It might also be worth considering using purple based washes to give the purple a strong tone.

    The bone can be simple or complex. I personally always start from a brown base as I find it to look more natural. I would base with something like bestial brown, then start adding snakebite leather in. Then bring in the bleached bone with highlights of skull white. Then to age it a bit, some watered down washes of sepia.

    I hope this helps a little bit.


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