Ok, so.. there's no official name for it, and basically, its an idea I came up with on the fly. Its for a custom unit thats a great substitute for a real titan. Basically, who ever is familiar with neon-genesis evangelion will know what Im talking about, and at the end of the post, I'll list links to the components just incase you're unfamiliar.

The mini-titan ((or Violator, as Ive named it... "Todd Mc-WHO?")) was developed with the following concepts in mind:

-A fun conversion that allows the modeler many freedoms that not even 5
sponsoons could offer.

-A high standard point cost ((to discourage players from the get go of using it in
an army of less than 2000 pts

-A low upgrade cost to balance out for players who choose to use it.

-No god-moded shields or special abilities like force fields or holy shields.

-Thick armour that although hard to defeat, isnt impossible by the longest stretch
of imagination.

-Mandatory support units that MUST be fielded WITH the Violator as pre-requisits
and/or field support ((nothing rare or expensive, just things that need to be on
the table for the Violator to be fielded))

The core of the conversion is really up to your own personal tastes, but in my .DOC, I outline how to convert EVA-01 ((1/100 scale)) to my own personal ideas, but basically - any eva model would be ideal for this conversion.

What you'll need:

-1X Neon Genesis Evangelion 1/100 scale model kit of your choosing

-all the chaos bitz and icons you can scrounge together ((ig: If you do nurgle, get
up a bunch of spores, etc, etc)). Keep in mind; To really convert it, you'll need to
have enough bitz to cover roughly 70% of the model in them.

-The following bitz are optional, but basically, any of the following weapons:
Heavy-Flamer, Heavy-Autocannon, Heavy-Melta, and Heavy-bolter ((these may
come from any model, but you must remember that it must remain in scale to
the model you're adding them to, and also, if you use non-chaos weapons, you
should use chaos bitz and your own imagination to make the weapons more

-Sharp Knives, and a blade sharpener and or spare blades ((this will require alot
of cutting)).

-A sodering iron if at all possible ((if not, you can just use putty, or even a glue
gun and lots of glue sticks))

-lots of band-aids ((not kidding)).


This part, I'd like to think is pretty F'ing self explanitory. But since I know every one has thier slow moments.. I'll walk you guys through it:

Basically, you follow the instructions, and build the eva model as it was intended to be built. Dont worry about gluing down joints and stuff like that, because you wont need to move them, and in all likeliness, they'll be too heavy to stay up on thier own anyway. Once you've completed the construction, DONT PAINT IT. There's still ALOT of heavy duty damage to be done to the thing. First off, you'll need to remove the left arm at the fore-arm ((just a quarter past the elbow)). After that, you'll want to do one of a few different things. One option is to heat up the plastic with your sodering iron and melt the plastic of the severed arm over a portion of the weapon ((make sure that you sever the actual hand, so that the hand is not visible)). Mind you, you dont have to do a bangin' job with this technique, because the uglier, the better (( it IS chaos, after all )). When you re-attatch the arm, make sure that you reinforce the arm some way, because the added weight might make simply gluing it back on ineffective. After the arm is re-attatched, you'll wanna get to work on adding the secondary weapons. Now, this can be done several ways. Again; one of the strong points of this model is that its highly customizable. So, for this, I'll basically leave you to your devices. Personally, I feel a shoulder mounted auto-cannon is bitchin' lookin.. but thats me.. Aside from that, other weaponry could be attatched IN-HAND on the right hand ((like a heavy bolter in hand with ammo belts leading towards ammo boxes ON the fore-arm)). After the 2 weapons, you're really on your own. Bitz and battle damage are suggested, and further mods ((I personally advise wires and cables coming in and out of the arms and legs, and a deep gash in the face)).

For the rules/stats, feel free to contact me for them.