I recently converted a slaanesh lord. I would like to know what you think. I might post a picture when it is completely painted.

I used the following parts:

Champion of slaanesh on foot (the most recent one)
Archaons daemonic mount
Abbadons sword

I chopped the slaanesh champ. in half and stuck him onto archaons old legs. There was a bit of a gap so i put some chains around his waist. Then I cut abbadons blade down a bit because the thing is massive and replaced it with the slaanesh lords sword.
I then used some green stuff to make flames come from the sword as he is equipped with the hellfire sword.

I think it came out pretty well but a lot of people have said the slaanesh lords head is to small for the rest of the bosy.

Does any one have any ideas for what i could use instead of his head.