yeah the old leman russ is crap i no what i gunna do for russ its jus i wernt sure wot to do gor weapons
as 4 lion i no wot i gunna do with him too im gunna give him mk 7 armour and b 4 u all shout at me think of this...

wernt all pre-heresy helmets beakies?wot about lions?the oringinal colour scheme of the da's is black. y is cypher and the helmet painted green instead of black?if all the primarchs are around 12 foot tall y is the weapons so small?lion helm normal mk7 size.wolf helm of russ(ulrik wears it)too small.lion claw of horus.roboute guillimans(cant spell)gaunlets of ultramar.etc etc

Think abt it
then again i might b rong

sum 1 tell me more abt the spear of russ and since you mentioned magnus i think i have a conversion for him(i think)