Just got the new Marine codex and was inspired.

First off, I after reading the new rules, I knew I needed a librarian. I have one currently, but the model just doesn't do it for me. So, since I don't really like any of the models GW offers, I decided that conversion was the way to go. For the weapon, I took the axe off of the librarian I had previously, chopped it off of his hand, and attached it to the powersword arm from the new commander box. It looked a little small after that, so I took the hand off of Imperial Confessor krnadsjghas (don't remember how to spell his name, but he's an older model, wearing a kinda pope hat), and chopped off the bottom half of his power maul. The axe looks hardcore, and now I just need a new commander model to do the rest of him. I'm thinking of converting the power supply to have two gaunt heads instead of the eagle heads, because this librarian will be primarily used to attach to my Tyranic War Vets Squad.

For the Tyranic War Vets, I'm starting on a few other things. First, the one I thing will be the best, is going to be my Heavy Bolter Marine. He's going to be kneeling, with his heavy bolter across his knee (I'm using the scout heavy bolter, as I thought it would be harder to load the special rounds into the standard belt felt heavy bolter). His left arm will be holding up a single shell, prepairing to load in one of the hellfire rounds. I took a banner pole that I wasn't using, cut off a small section from the end, and filed it down to point to make the bullet.

The sergent is going to have a chainsword and a bionic arm (again, from the commander sprue). I'm thinking of counting this as a power weapon (obviously paying for both the power weapon and bionics), as the bionics increase his strength.

For the rest of the guys, I'm trying to get my hands on some nid bits to use as trophys or improvised armor.

Can't wait for the rest of the bits I ordered, and to get paid this week, so I can finish these guys up.