Even though I've been playing 40K for some years I've never really got into the painting part all that much. Recently however I've decided otherwise and have been experimenting.

Well after botching up a combat squad of marines I've found a painting order that I think will work and just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts/comments/ideas/warnings before I got started again. Here it is.

1. White Primer Undercoat
2. Base Colour Ultramarine Blue
3. Black Ink wash in recessess on models (5:1 water to paint solution).
4. Highlight 1 = Ultramarine Blue and skull white (3 or 4:1 mix)
5. Highlight 2 = Ultramarine Blue and skull white (1:1 mix) - only on models edges/raised areas.

The rest is simple (yellow, black, red etc..).