I'm not sure if anyone here even plays Lotr (you never talk about it) but here it goes.

since the plastic wargs are going to be relised next month (a great deal cheaper as i'm sure you will agree) i thought i'd re-new my love for them with a completley diffrent look..... the white look. (Y) they might of emegrated from the misty mountains who knows.

but first will the plastic wargs loose alot of their detail on the fur? if so i might get them all metal.

so how do you thing they will turn out?
i was thinking of starting of with a black spray then covering it with bleached bone followed by lighter and lighter drybrushes and highlights until i get to white.

this is just an idea as i'm not sure what it will look like though. has anyone here done it?

and anyones opinion on how to paint them will be greatly apriciated

thanks in advance White scar