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Thread: Painting Skin!

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    Hi all

    Ok i'll start the post by asking is there a good & bad way of painting skin?
    I have trouble with it & what i need really is some advice on doing it......

    Ive heard & read so many different techniques but which is the best way?
    baring in mind it'll be for Guard & marines.

    Heres just a few techniques ive heard of, if any stand out of seem right
    tell me what ya think :rolleyes:

    White basecoat given a flesh wash then highlighted with elf flesh.
    Black basecoat then painted bronze flesh & highlighted with elf flesh.

    Cant think of any others off hand

    Please comment help needed.


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    both will work. Problems with black primer are:

    1) details are harder to see
    2) colors will be much more dull (not necessarily a bad thing but something to look out for.

    What I do is prime white and then wash with slightly watered down black ink. This gives the same effect of black primer but not so harsh and the details end up popping out.

    As for the flesh the way I do it is start with a base color, ink it with a watered down ink wash, and start highlighting back up to a desired level.

    For pale flesh for example: I will base with elf flesh or pale flesh, wash with a watered down flesh wash or even sometimes a red ink wash (watered down), and start highlighting back up to pale flesh or pale flesh mixed with a bit of ivory.

    For darker skintones start with a darker base such as dwarf flesh or even dark skintone for a brown skintone. Experimentation is the best teacher. You may find a technique that produces some great effects by just playing around with a few models.

    some things to note: highest highlights will usually be on the top of the forhead, ridge of the nose, top of the ears, cheeks, upper lip, and sometimes even the chin. This will help the model pop out with detail.

    There is a fairly extensive coverage of painting flesh here:
    Painting Flesh



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