Hey guys. I have some paneling wood sitting around in my workshop, and so I had an idea. I drew out plans for it.
I would post the schematics I drew for it if I could. But alas, I do not know how.
However, you take a slightly rectangular piece of wood. Then you divide into front and tops of equal width. The front is 2.5" high (to accomodate most models, adjust this height if you wish). The top of the front piece will have boxes cut into it to make firing holes. Then a 2" wide piece runs the length of the top piece. This will be divided into two equal triangle to make a sloping bunker (as if it were coming of of the ground. Then you can use the wasted corner wood to make some parapets for the bunker, or perhaps to represent the hatches covering the bunker firing holes. If you want to be really fancy, you could even put some hinges on these hatches, so you can move them up or done and treat the models inside with special rules, as they are protected by the hatches. Well, just an idea. If anyone can tell me how to post pictures, I will post my diagram, so it will be much easier to understand.
Have Fun!