Battle damage on tanks...

Personally My favorite, sadly never tried, method of making a model look damaged is to take said model and put it in a plastic bag. Once you do that you take the biggest hammer you can find, or possibly the blunt side of a single-sided axe, and give the model a couple `o wacks with it. The bag is there to keep track of all the parts.

But then i like that method because I'm a sick sadistic bastard when it comes to killing plastic models.

More practical battle damage however can be acheived without an overly large blunt heavy object (though i have to admit its not nearly as much fun as the first method). For instand take a small drill bit and make a series of holes in the side of your tank, then take VERY small amounts of putty and fill in those holes. Next take a sharpened pencil and lightly push the pencil into where the putty filled holes are without punching all the way through. Then round off the 'edges' of the mini-crater you just made with the eraser or something small and flat. Instant bolter/heavybolter fire damage (depending on the size of the drill bit of course).

Also you can remove small sections of the hull with a drill and coping saw, then fill it in with substancially more putty and make a sort of melting affect for melta/plasma weapons.

Not sure hoe you'd get a lascannon damage affect cuz i tend to think of lascanons as pinpoint accurate death, as in either hit or miss, maybe get a 'glanceing blow' from one by drilling a larger hole THROUGH a small corner like the shot went straight through but didn't breech the inner shell because it was on the periphery of the tank. Haha, how cool would that be to see through the corner of your tank? Maybe paint that part with a dry brushed dayglow red/orange like its still semi-molten, kinda like the time travel effect from the "Terminator" movies (not this game, think arnold S.)

any other ideas? or modifications to these suggestions?

do share, especially since i only know what marine weapons do.

Happy MODing