I am starting an iron hands army soon, and I am thinking aout possible conversions. I will have a techmarine, and a venerable dread, those are my biggest concerns. I am going to buy a few extra IH tactical boxes to get bionic bitz for my other troops, but vehicles and the techmarine just can't use those. One of my dreads can be the same, but I would really like to have a special look to my venerable one.

Here are my ideas on making a Iron Hands dreadnought look venerable. I was thinking taller, using washers, and maybe extending the cc arm. Also, I like the look of a iron halo, like Undeadairs. Are there any ways to make the cc fist look more....bionic, I guess is what I want. I also want to try to adjust the legs, and weapon arms a little. I saw a really nice dread at gt this year, where he made some hieght addition to the legs. Any good ways to do this? Any help with this would be appreciated . I am still thinking up more ways to change it all the tim, and I wil post if I have more ideas.

For the techmarine, I want to give him a helmet on his side, as I am using the direct order techmarine, with coversions to match his face, like the Iron Father in the novel, but I am not sure how. Is there any good way to give a model like this bionic replacements? This goes for termies too, as they follow the same rule: thicker, larger limbs, that are harder to work with.

Any help on executing these conversions, or new ideas would be greatly appreciated . Thanks.