Hey all Ive been looking to start some work on a 5x5 board of jungle like terrain. I am using it as a board for campaign and normal play for my friends and I.

My idea is that it is a world that has been a necron tomb world that was just taken over right before the necrons were mass recalled into their stasis sleep. So the world still has its same jungle-world feel to it, but it is riddled with ruins of temples and obelisks where the worlds inhabitants had revered the Ctan as their gods.

So far I have made an obelisk and am planning on working on a large temple and sacrifial altar. I am also converting several of my old necrons into gold statues on pedestals. However I also am having some problems:

I really need to know the name of a campany that sells jungle like terrain supplies and scenery such as jungle shrubs, vines and palm/jungle trees, etc.

If anyone would like to comment on my ideas, or help me out with the above problem. Thanks alot.