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    Need help painting eyes

    I need some help. Back in the times of 2nd ed. I had been a Dark Angels player, so I'm quite profficient in painting helmet eyes ;] As I am now returning to the hobby and collecting IG, I need to become equally profficient in painting human eyes not covered by any optics. Can you point me to any good article?

    Edit: I know the articles here, on LO. I'd love to look at something with stage-by-stage close-ups though.

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    What I do when I paint eyes is usually fill the eye cavity with a brown (basically something darker than the flesh color). Then I fill in the eye with an ivory or offwhite. Next I will place the pupils where I want them. If after that any of the white needs to be touched up I will dot some white in the needed areas. This can all be easily cleaned up by taking a darker ink (about the same color as the color used to fill the eye cavity) and making sure it isn't too saturated (dabbing it onto a napkin) I will line the eyes with the darker ink. I wouldn't worry too much about spilling out over the flesh too much as after I line the eyes I will go back with the base flesh color and carefully touch up as close to the eye as needed.

    Sorry I don't have any pictures of the process but I hope this helps non-the-less!



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    What I normally do for eyes is start with a balc eye socket.
    If I have been very neat painting the face the there is still black undercoat there, if not I put a bit of black ink into each socket - this defines the edge of the eye more, which I like.

    Paint the eyball itself a light grey leaving alittle border of white around it.

    Next dot in eyes in black.

    Hope this helps

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    Glowing Eyes, an effect "a la Hybrid", by Cyril
    (translation by Alexgrunt)

    Undercoat with Tamiya Light Grey, then add GW's White Undercoat vertically, to make a zenithal light effect.

    Make two washes of Codex Grey to deepen the shadows, preserving to the maximum the whitest parts.

    Put a light glaze of Desert Yellow on the white parts... No need for it too be be perfectly covered or smooth, as it is just a colored filter.

    Highlight with codex grey and white, going to pure white on the angles and edges. Be careful to work with a transparent paint, to keep the yellowish/sandy tone under the grey.

    Shadows are then done with codex grey. Note that the helmet starts to have an interesting color...

    The strongest shadows are then done with a 50/50 mixture of codex grey and black/bestial brown. The sandy color fitting well with the brownish shadows.

    The frontal grid and the various small elements are painted with codex grey and black, then highlighted with white. Once done, add a glaze of Graveyard Earth, giving'em a nuance of brown and smoothing the transitions.

    the micro-painting work starts: with dark flesh and black, scratches are drawn on painting, mainly on the edges, then underlined with white, to create an effect of "trompe l'oeil". At this time, you may want to make small spots of dark flesh pure and bestial brown in the recesses and zones of shade.

    As per popular request, I'll explain how to make an effect of green light around the eyes: Paint the eyes in dark angel green + black (just a point)

    the dark angel green is lightened up with snot green, then scorpion green. Pass very thin glazes of snot green + scorpion green on the zone surrounding the eyes, then do the last ones with pure scorpion green.

    The eye itself is highlighted with scorpion green, then white in the center, same thing being done for the edge under the eye.
    It is a flashy effect which is really easy to make, provided it is done in the good order andwith an always diluted and transparent painting.
    To summarize, this paint work is a bit less careful than my usual, especially due to the test of new combinations of colors and effects. I spent approximately 45 minutes on this helmet.

    heres the link for the pics

    this was an article that i copied from some website in the past
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