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    Trying to created a blazing coal effect.

    Have you ever seen a smiths furnace? Where there is coal and charcaol as fuel and then air is pushed in from below, the coal deep down glows white/blue hot and then red further up and the top stays black but slighty glows red.

    That the effect I want to do on a Tau army.

    What I was contemplating was undercoat white, then in the deep places paint a light blue and then a purple a bit further up, then a flame red. All the armour panels in black. I would be looking for most of the model in black.

    Now here is where you can tell me I'm crazy or ill-informed. If I was to paint about 5 coats of red ink on the black sections would it give a red tinge to the black, or would I be better going for a extreamly deep red instead of black?

    I think this would look exellent on suits as each panel on the armour would look like a crack into a burning ember. Or like a river of lava when the top is cool but cracked with red.

    Any advice?

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    Personally, I think either might work...I'd go with the mixing red gore with black or midnight blue and then painting the panels with a coat of future floor wax...the wax deepens and diffuses the color. After that, if you want a matte finish to the panels paint over the panels with some watered down PVA glue or spray with your favorite matte sealer. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. I use this method to paint the armor on my 'nids but I left them glossy instead of matte.


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