I have a conversion option for all you 'neat-freaks' who like symetrical minis. I've always hated the fact that the Dreads always look a little off balance when they use the low-slung CC arm in comination with the assault cannon or missile launcher. I have a solution:

Go to ForgeWorld and look for a right-arm CC weapon (this conversion works best for arms that hang more-or-less straight down). If you cannot do this, read the end of the post, I will be sure to tell you there, I promise, otherwise stick with me!

Now that you have this CC arm, cut the 'fist' off of it, careful not to mess-up the servos/wires etc.

Now go and find/buy one fo the crates that people use for terrain. .5in x .5in work, so shoot for that size.

Take this box, and glue it to the arm where the fist would go. Now the arm should look like a great-big club. YEAH FOR SMASHINESS!

Now go and get your stubby little arm, like the las, or the cannon. Cut the barrell(s) from the cannon. Glue the barrell(s) to the box from the previous step. Now you have a Dread that actually sports 2 symetrical arms!

Now for those of you who were screwed from step 1 b/c you couldn't find that right-arm CC. Buy a left-arm CC!
Take the elbow-joint and cut the fist from it, like in step two. Now cut the elbow from the big blocky 'shoulder' bit.
Cut the barrell from whatever weapon you will be using, then glue the 'elbow' to the underside of the 'shoulder', creating what would be a new CC arm.
Go-ahead and follow the rest of the steps normally.

Once I discover how my digital camera works, I will be sure to provide some cool pics of my Dread!