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    Senior Member Bobby_Wokkerfella's Avatar
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    My Orcs and Goblins (And Some Ogres)

    Well these are the first pics of my Orc and Goblin army, as well as some Ogre Merceneries.
    These are my first attempts at photography, so some pics may be a little blurry or out of focus. I'll probably post some better quality pics, with natural light tommorow, if it isn't so windy out.
    Night Goblins of the Omrai Shrooms:
    Da Slaughtererz
    Wolfboyz 1
    More wolfboyz
    Wolfboy boss
    WIP Spear Chukka
    Scratchbuilt Rock Lobba (Thanks to Taint_Of_The_Dark_Ones for help on constructing it)
    Da Hackaz
    WIP Ogres
    Most are painted to what is for me a Good table top standard, most regiments taking around 5 or so hours to complete, with the ogres taking about 2 Hours each. The Spear chukka itself has taken 2 hours and the crew about the same.
    Well comments? Critizisms?
    Also, on a scale of 1-10 (1 being A blind leper monkey, 5 being average and 10 being Golden demon stuff) what would you give it?

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    Senior Member taint_of_the_dark_ones's Avatar
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    Ok, I think I'll rate each unit seperately.

    Night Goblins of the Omrai Shrooms: You've done a good job on these gobbo's. The colour's chosen are bold, but have been carried across the unit uniformly, creating a stunning regiment. One thing I'm relay liking the look of are the shields, a nice effect created here.
    Rating - 8 / 10

    Ogres: What can I say about these guys. Well firstly, the skin colour chosen is unique to say the least, but it works so well and the blue body paint compliments it accordingly. The cloth is nice and simple, but the colour chosen compliments both the skin and body paint, a good choice. Yet again, the metal has been done very well, and I like it a lot.
    Rating - 9 1/2 / 10

    Da Slaughtererz: Well, it's a shame the right side of this picture is blurry, but from what I can see you've done a superb job on the skin tone and cloth variation. The highlights across the entire unit work very well, and keep them all tied together.
    Rating - 7 / 10

    Wolfboyz 1: The darker coloured skin on the goblins in this regiment (might be from the photography, but anyway) works realy well to set the differance between them and the wolves. One thing I like about these models are the wolves faces. You've done a good job bringing out the detail in this area.
    Rating - 8 / 10

    More wolfboyz: Same as Wolfboyz 1

    Wolfboy boss: This model stands out from those around him, this is achieved I believe through the nice detailing of the face (especialy the mouth), and the nice work on the weapon. The effect created all up from this model is great, and he's a good addition to a good unit.
    Rating - 9 / 10

    WIP Spear Chukka: So far, it's going realy well. I like the effect you're using on the metalic areas, make sure you update the finished group.
    Current Rating - 7 / 10

    Scratchbuilt Rock Lobba (Thanks to Taint_Of_The_Dark_Ones for help on constructing it) : Aha, my own creation. Well, it looks heaps good (to bad you can't see the rest of the model, a side view might be appropriate?).
    Rating - 8 / 10 (a bit biased, you might say. Well I say it's a cool idea, and I can't wait for it to be painted.)

    Da Hackaz: Well, this regiment is as good as the first, with a few inclusions to the command team etc adding to the units overall effect. I like the unit champions shield, nicely done. When I saw this regiment in person, the skin tone variation was superbly done, and this reinforces the other orc unit, as I'm sure they're done to the same level.
    Rating 7 1/2 / 10

    WIP Ogres: Well, the close up shots of the ogres take the prize for me. The standard bearer looks brilliant, and you've done a good job hand painting the symbols on the banner. The close up shots just reafirm why I like these models.
    Current Rating 8 1/2 / 10 (untill you finish them :p )

    Overall Army Rating 8 / 10

    Good job on all these Bobby, they are very impressive and more then "tabletop painted". Can't wait to see the rest of your models finished, and the entire army completed. Keep up the good work,

    Last edited by taint_of_the_dark_ones; July 15th, 2005 at 13:41.

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    Member BIGFATOGRE's Avatar
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    cool painting, i likem the ogre's but i think the skin is a little bit to dark, just my opinion though :p good job though!
    3000+ point OGRE KINGDOM ARMY
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    I am the Empire, 63% Honorable, 49% Bloodthirsty, 44% Magic-minded, and 62% tactically-oriented!

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