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    Cadian laydown missile launcher

    you'll notice in the pic linked below the guardsman laying down. what i did was take a torso and exacto knife the collar down and tried fitting the head as it is till i was happy. i then trimmed the arms at the inner shoulder to keep from having a visible gap (since the arms arent meant to be in that position) i took the standing running legs and trimmed the rear waste a bit so they'd be closer to parallel with the base (since the body and arms leans on sandbags and rocks). the result is the missile launcher is still slightly angled down but i think it looks good to add variety to my anti tank support

    another thing i've done is use kneeling legs from the heavy weapons to make guardsmen with lasguns which adds variety to my squads. i've got a vox operator kneeling holding a lasgun in one hand by th pistol grip and the other hand is pointing.

    i also like to make sure my vehicles have gear (stare tracks,wheels, tow cables,pioneer tools etc) strapped and attached in an almost standard way.
    something i've found is good to do.. vehicles.. pintle mounted weapons.. like the heavy stubber you might notice if you glue the ammo bin to the gun and let it dry then slip it onto th pintol you can have some movement in it and slip it on and off. assemble the storm bolter to and on one of side where it meets the pintle make a notch so you can slip it off to swap it for something else or jsut have no pintle mounted weapon. my 5 assembled vehicles all have this option.

    rigged two of my guard sgts with plasma guns from a pal's space marine bits another thing i like to do with 1 out of 2 of my guard sgts is put the tanker head with helmet on. i think it looks pretty good with a sgt (the variety thing again)and the helmet still makes the sgt look unique from his squad.

    and something i've been thinking about doing is taking my extra bases and using em so i can take the crew off my bassilisk and take guardsmen off the heavy weapon bases.

    kasrkins with vox coms. i cut off the loop antennae and then bent the main antennae i think it makes for a cool radio for Veterans/Grenadiers and Stormtroopers

    HERE's a PIC of some works in progress

    HERE's anpther PIC

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