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    chaos dreadnought.

    After reading the Dead sky Black sun 40k novel i was struck with the idea of making a new dread for my Iorn Warriors so i sat down and drew out the ideas that i had and this is the result. now i realise that the pics are just concept pics and that theyre small and not the real thing but i wanted to give you a chance to critique before i built it.

    The bits.

    9947139903304 krieger thrax right claw
    9947139903304 krieger thrax right arm
    Krieger thrax head
    9947139901101 tyrus left shoulder pad
    9947139901103 tyrus right shoulder pad
    9906059914901 patrician giddeon cactus claws *2
    9947139903507 chaos magus icons
    9947139905601 eviscerator and incinerator *2
    9947139903102 base no 2
    994710307701 ork dread accessory sprue
    994710308405 killer khan accessory sprue
    9947010509002 imp sentinel bottom body (classic)
    9947010509006 imp sentinel left leg *2
    9947010509007 imp sentinel right leg *2
    classic chaos marine lascannon *2
    penitent engine main body
    penitent engine shoulder sockets L+R
    penitent engine leg * 2
    chaos dreadnought sarcophagus
    chaos dread base
    chaos dread feet * 2
    throne of judgement power plant
    chaos defiler bits

    · Attach the power plant to the back of the penitent engine main body.
    · Remove L & R armoured sections.
    · Attach these to the main body of the penitent engine,.
    · Attach this to the dread base.
    · Then attach to the base of the sentinel with this pointing backwards, (ie pointy bit to the back).
    · Attach tyrus shoulder pads to armoured sides.
    · Attach penitent engine shoulder sockets.
    · Attach the Krieger shoulder to the right socket.
    · File down both the penitent legs flat on opposite sides (these will be glued together).
    · Cut the lower part of these legs off after the knee joint (and where the leg meets the lower joint). Then glue these together.
    · Remove the handles from the evicerators top and back. Smooth off 1 side on each as per the legs above. Then attach these to the now left arm.
    · Attach the Kreiger head to the main body. Green stuff the body to blend with the body. Then fit a defiler helmet on him.
    · Attach the cactus claws 2 per side next to the penitent main body.
    · Fit the twin lascannons to the right shoulder.

    dread body

    · The right sentinel legs are now the left legs, and vice versa.
    · File down 1 side on both legs so that they both fit together.
    · Remove the feet.
    · Remove the lower pistons from both pairs of legs.
    · Attach these to the back of the opposite set of legs from the ones that they came from.
    · Dependant on how high you want the model you can shorten the length of the leg sections.
    · Attach the shield sections from the defiler legs to the front lower part of the legs.
    · Attach the feet.
    · Attach the completed legs to the upper body.

    dread legs and back

    The base
    · The base will by necessity have to be bigger than a normal dread’s base and this will definitely have a heavy scenic feel to it probably ruins and rubble.

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