Spent nearly 5 hours working on my War Hydra. Dry brushed, highlighted, no paint touching other paint, perfection.

I like to play with my models so off to add the Finish to make the paint job last longer. I prefer the Matt/Flatt finish over a gloss.

First DUMB thing:
Spray one side. Weird, it looks like white spray on my model? Hummmmm.....it must be the new kind flat finish I got. I read the can and it says takes about 12 mins to dry. Ok, it must dry clear and will look better in about 12 minutes.

Second DUMB thing:
I spin the model around and spray the other side!!

Well, as many of you know a Flat finish does not spray on WHITE, but a White FLAT PRIMER does!!!! ARGH!!!

That is what I get for hurrying to get it ready for playing with that afternoon! So, last night I invest about three more hours to repair the damage I did. The whole model color changed and everything. I will say that I like the new color better, so we will call this "Dumb thing" a Blessing in disguise!

By the way, This morning i sprayed it with a Flatt Finish and all went well!! :p