I'm starting this thread (And hoping that I shall revisit it from time to time) as the tale of the Gretchin Piratez is told.

Dis tale beginz az da grotty boyz wuz sailin' through da big black spacey placez. Dey wuz da scariest raiderz. But den da boyz fell victim ta sumfink more scary den a naked fish 'ead.


Dey wuz made ter look like dey wuz painted by a two-fingered skarboy an' banished ter the outer reachez o' a long-forgotten bitz box.

But one day, dat bitz box wuz dumped out at da bunker, and da boyz was scarfed up by a humie wot saw potenshul in dem. 'Dese grotz is speshul,' he sad ter himself. So he asked da humie wot painted dem first wot he wanted fer da boyz, an' got dem fer one shiny dime apiece. He also got a buncha random bitz, an' had hisself an idear.

Gretchin piratez kill team.

So dis humie dumped all da grotz into Simple Green (Green is best!) an' scraped off all da ugly paint wif his toofbrush wot would come off, an' prepared ter convert dem inter da scariest grotz dis side o' Armageddon. And a Pile o' Gunz fer dem ter guard, too!


Now comes the part where I ask you all for ideas. I already HAVE some ideas, but I wanted some feedback. The Grotz are going to get some weapon swaps (Only one or two will remain stock). I was thinking of giving the grotz some fezzes. Yes, the little hats. Any resources I can look up on how to make fezzes out of green stuff?

I should probably post my idea for the Pile O' Gunz in terrain, but hey, it's a party! I've got roughly ten billion extra random firearms and bitz in my box, so I'll be putting down a big pile of them. The POG will become the display stand for my grot kill team. So basically, I'll be posting new pictures in this thread from time to time as the probject develops! Feedback, tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.