15 Hours: Larn vs. Grot - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    15 Hours: Larn vs. Grot

    Anybody remember that moment in the book 15 Hours when larn and the grot face off during the ork attack? You know, when larn has no gun so he beats the grot to death with his helmet? Well, I'm gonna make a dirama of it. First, I will get the grot that is holding its gun in sort of a lowerd position and leaning forward with a wicked grin on its face. Here's a link, it's grot number 2: grot . Then, I get a pair of kneeling legs from the Imperial Guard Heavy weapon Crew Sprue. Then I take a pair of hands that I can raise above his head while still staying close together. Then, I will give his a normal torso then a helmet-less head. After that, I will get a helmeted head and drill it so that only the helmet remains. Then I will slightly convert his hands to be holding the helmet like he is about to strike. To his right will be a slugga boy laying prone in the dirt. To his left will be a helmeted Imperial Guardsman with a choppa in his helmet. The ground near the bodies will be soaked in blood. What do you guys think?

    Also, I have a couple questions: 1. What kind of base do you guys think I should use, or, if not a base, then should I make a base from plasticard or such? 2. What color of ground should I use? I was thinking sorta sandish colored but then I thought about and came to the conclusion that mud would be better. Could someone tell me how I could create good mud? I was thinking of painting static grass brown.

    All input is welcome.


    EDIT: I just thought of another question, does anyone have any idea about what unhelmeted head I should use? I was thinking about using one from a Tanith Ghost but then I realized that they are whole models. Thanks!

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