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    Iron Warriors Terminator Lord

    Since a Daemon Prince isn't terribly Iron Warriors-ish, and because I'm not a fan of 200+ point HQs, I decided that my Iron Warriors army would be lead by a Lord in Terminator Armour.
    However, I'm not exactly a fan of Chaos Terminator armour, and the Space Marine Terminator Armour isn't much better. Plus, the SM ones required a lot of converting to pass as a Lord, while the Chaos ones were a bit too chaotic for the look I was going for (I'm going for more of a renegade SM feel then a Chaos feel with my IWs). However, I love the Grey Knight Terminators, plus, a Psycannon was pretty close to how I imagined a Kai Gun. Plus, they work similar (Psycannon-psysically charged bolter, Kai Gun=psysically hate-fueled bolter)
    So, here he is:

    IMG tags removed due to size of pic. Please don't post pics like that, use a url instead. - KU

    He's armed with a Power Sword and Kai Gun. I used Defiler heads and a lot of careful exacto knife and dremel work to get off all the blatantly Inquisitorial stuff. I was originally going to scrap the project because I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the tome on his hip, but then realized that there was nothing saying that Chaos Lords didn't carry around tomes. So, I doused it in enough Elf Flesh and Flesh Wash to make it look like it was bound in flesh, and it actually fits quite well!
    One thing you'll notice is a complete lack of IW black-and-yellow chevrons. I personally find them quite ugly on everything except for bolters and the odd highlight on tanks, so I just used a tarnished silver and gold look on him, with red on the sword and the shoulderpad horns.

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