Just finished this week and albumized in the New Stuff section:


Chaos War Machines 02—Two siege towers, one scratch built from balsa about two feet tall with working parts. Oh, and twenty flayerkin to man them.

Desert High Elf Heroes—Dark red, deep ivory, and dusky gold make for a stunning color scheme for high elves. These guys are based on some parts from Slaanesh champions.

Alchemists—for the Hybrid game for Rackham. A blend of colorful and subdued. Bases are an experiment with textured plasticard and texturing.

Death Guard Infantry—every last one converted somehow, and with some patented Blue Table translucent bug wings for the flying models. Three tanks and a defiler are coming soon!

Sons of Odin Bikers—some bikes and a squad of Hunters for a space wolf army. Look elsewhere for the full army.

Shawn G.