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    Wood Elves Forest Spirits


    I am tired of the thought that WE only live in Athel Loren. So, I have talked it over with some of the people that I play with and in our "universe" we are going to allow the WE to have some kindred in other forests through out the world. So with these WE have traveled spirits from Athel Loren and some of these spirits have inhabited trees from their local forest. Currently I am torn between placing my army in a tropical forest made up of palm trees and cypress trees. I know if I do the Palm treemen I want to give them skulls instead of coconuts. The second option is a more temperate forest like Athel Loren but instead of the forest being mostly trees like Elm, Oak, and etc.. I was thinking that it would be more pine trees.

    So could anybody offer me any ideas on how to convert the units. Please know that on top of being terrible as a modeler I am even worse at converting. So if it sounds even slightly complicated please spell out the process.

    Also, I will be posting my ideas on how these different types of trees would impact their stats in the Rules Development forum later this weekend.

    Thanks for you help in advance.

    Ohh and also, if you think that any other units should be made different then the treemen and treekin then let me know. I was thinking about parrots instead of hawks for the Tropical army.

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    if you are ambitious enough, take some of this modelling putty (the ones kids play with) and try to make a treeman of your choice out of that. if you deem your work successful, you buy greenstuff, make a frame, and model treemen by that. but first, the kids plaything modeling putty

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