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    How I paint IW chevrons

    I heard from Neferata that many IW players do not paint chevrons and angled lines on there armoured tanks (cant spell the V word!!1 ) Some of the painting section is taken from Christian Brynes Will of Iron article in WDUK

    Here is my quick way of painting them.

    Start one on a tank, say on a rhino side door for example.
    1. Take the rhino door off the model and draw around it on a peice of paper, mark all the details on it to, like door handels, vents, hinges, spikes to grip floor etc.
    2. Measure it, it should be about 27mm long, i then mark on the drawn version, marking down both sides 5mm sections. (i know it does not divied equally but that makes it look better)
    3. Next draw a line from the one marking on the right and meet one marking on the left lines up.
    4. Do this for all the right ones to the left ones (you will have to extraporlate the ones that do not fit on the door.):rolleyes:
    5. Now colour them in. two different colours obviously
    6. If you want to paint chevrons carry on, if you just want to paint angled lines this is the bit you start to wish you had added more details. You must know either mark and score the door, or you paint it free hand straight on. (ive tried both and free hand is better.) please skip 8.
    7. Chevroners. All you do now is draw lines from the left to the right. the opposite as for what you did ealier.
    8. Its best to practise with different angles and thickness's first before going on to the model.
    9. Painting, i painted my model bad moon yellow first, the entire section. after this follow the lines as you drew, to complete the lines chevrons, do not worry about making mistakes, they will be sorted out later.
    10. Now highlight the colours, codex greyt for the black and white bad moon 50:50, these highlights should be placed at the top of the lines chevrons.
    11. Now cover all the mistakes in a scrathey looking tin bitz, then in side that use boltgun metal and then mitheral silver.
    12. I then dulled down the enitre work with a VERY watered down black ink.
    Heres mine.

    hope that helpped, please post if you do not understand a certain part.


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    an even simpler way is to take a right angled set square and draw the lines in pencil on the model then paint white between them and then the yellow.
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