I just fell in pestilent love with the new Skaven plague monk plastics. They have a ton of great pieces. Also at the time, the studio was doing several Tyranid armies. The new Genestealers have a ton of extra heads. Unfortunately at the time I was building a Nurgle army.

I turned them into Plaguebearers by shaving off the tails and using genestealer heads. Others I hollowed out the cowl with a drill and stuck the tail in like a tentacle groping forth from the dark recesses. All in all this look gave them a very cthulhu-esque feel.

See the whole thing here:


These cost less than half what pewter plaguebearers would cost ($35 for twenty plague monks). I have a ton of the genestealer heads and arms left and would sell those at $0.25 per bit, in case anyone wanted to avoid looking/buying genestealer kits.

Shawn G.