I seem to remember a lot of disdain for the new GW Vespid models when they were first seen, but I havent found any solid ideas for alternatives or conversions. While I like the sketches that have recently been seen, they dont change the fact that the Vespid models being released are unsightly IMO. I personally have a huge problem with the Vespid head + antennas while the rest of the body I can grudgingly stand.

My ideas for a more simple conversion would be to just file down the orc-like jaw and then build half-face respirators (similar to the SM ones) with canisters on the sides. Also, the antennas would be replaced by more realistic ones, similiar to that of a moth's antennas. All of this would be green stuff work, as I dont imagine the heads to be that large. I havent figured out what to do about the balding head of theirs quite yet. A second idea of mine was to make the Vespid head more similar to that of a bats with those oversized ears of theirs for echo location. The only base I could think of would be to saw of the Chaos Furies head and start from there.

If you have any ideas of how you plan to make Vespids or know of an alternative range to GW with suitable models by all means post.