Crisis Suit Seed Destiny - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Crisis Suit Seed Destiny

    For those of you that have never seen Gundam Seed Destiny stop right here. Those of you that have, i'll be glad to hear your opinions.

    This idea has been in the back of my head for ages, as i hum Ignited it would surface, finally with a income that will allow me to do so i have decide to finish this ideal. To create a small tau army (no more then 1500 pts) based off Gundam Seed Destiny. Those who know the show well enough will not need visuals but i'll provide them anyways for they may help.

    I have so far planned for an army, 4 crisis suits, one hammerhead, one devil fish, and fire warriors.. oh yeah and six stealth suits.

    So far only three items have plans laid out for them...

    The first idea would be to use a hammer head as the Minerva.

    IN fact the work is already in progress, after creating an opening in the middle the "Tannhäuser" positron cannon(rail gun) has been fitted to come out from there. Unfortunately i have been working to find a way for it to slide in and out and be able to open and close. but luckely i followed the outline of the hammer head middle, you know the segments? and it fits perfectly. As for the CIWS machine guns, they are just the simple drones, modify with burst cannons on top instead of beneath. However the Tristan cannons have yet to be made and no plans have been made. The only thing that bothers me besides the rail gun being able to move ect.. is the scale between the hammer head and the suits..

    the second plan that has and it working is the modifcation of the crisis suit into Force Impulse
    The backpack itself has been trimmed down as much as possible without it destroying the model completely, however the torso, head, and limbs remaing un change to my dismay. The only changes it cutting and repositing the limbs to adopt the classic gundam pose you see at the beginnning, you know the one with one leg bend, one straight arm striagh out, the other at an angle, ect ect.. look at the opening of gundam seed destiny and you'll see what i mean. plastic card and actually gundam pieces are used to crea the fins and v attena.

    The third one that was somewhat easy to takecare of was
    Legend Gundam, its oversized backpack allowed me to retain the original one, with some modification to round it off of course. The pain of this project was the DRAGOON system, my first idea was to use drones, however converted it just didn't seem to work right now all i have is cut off plasma rifle head, "sharpened" at the top to look more aerodynamic. if you have any ideas i'll be glad to hear it.

    Now onto what i haven't solved but definately want to do the Saviour Gundam
    and Destiny Gundam
    Destiny itself brings the most trouble, how am I to create its wings? not to mention its trademark giant sword... Saviour, i wanted to do justice to its transforming action but i've decide to throw that ot the door its just too hard, but i need to find a some substitute to its cannons on its back.

    My other problem is my lack of ideas what to do with the stealths suits, teh devilfish, and the firewarrios themselves....

    Ah a little confession, I would much rather do the suits of Archangel and ship Eternal.. but that woudl prove to be an even greater headache so i gave it up.

    Last edited by Darkest_Yu; December 23rd, 2005 at 07:54.

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