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    Ok, mentioned this in another thread but here it is.. a simple foamcard / mounting card / cereal card bunker! no other materials where harmed in the creation of this beasty...

    Piccy here --->

    I'll try and explain as best I can but most of it is really simple stuff...

    1.) First off, you need to create a solid foundation to work on, for this i used a 4 sided foamcard construction, marking out where the doorway would meet the foamcard from the slanted walls and where the roof would sit in top (for the roof i simply used another chunk of foamcard but you could equally use any of the two other cards.. obviously it will need to be quite sturdy so i went with the stronger of the 3 materials&#33

    2.) once you have your solid base to work on, you can begin planning the walls, now this was a bit of a headache the first time round but it really is quite simple once you work it out....... what size do you cut the walls too..... well, first off decide how far you want your walls to slope by, i think i went for an inch, it gives them a decent slope without making the slope too gentle! now for a quick ascii diagram....


    Imagine the vertical lines are the walls of your foamcard structure and the diagonal lines are the walls, there's some mathematics thing you can do here to work out the length from the ground to the top of the walls, but it totally escapes me..... old age is setting in, hopefully you'll have more luck, it really is a case of common sense though, what i did was made a quick diagram of the walls, the 1" distance away from the wall on the ground and simply measure between the 2 points to get the size of the card i needed to cut out (confused? i am, and im trying to write it!&#33

    basically your walls should be this kinda shape once you've cut them out...

    once you have the 4 of them cut out, check for size................ now, attaching them to the bunker is a tough one, for this, i made 8 buttress like foamcard bits to glue to the walls of my box, once glued, i simply glued the walls into place

    there where some gaps left between the walls / foamcard structure but as you can see from the pic, this is where the cereal packet card came in handy..... basically, cutting strips and gluing them in on such a way to cover the gaps, it makes it all look quite solid!

    Now, if that didn't make sense..... ill try again with some pictures and i wont rush the description this time round!!!!

    Any questions or flames, feel free to bombard me


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    No can do with the pic...

    I must say that this new topic is a bit on the edge for the rules...
    You might have noticed that there already is a topic on bunkers.
    But since this entry is more of a directions to how to make one I will let it stay as it is.
    check out my blog: DRAGONSLAYERO


Closed Thread

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